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Important donation to the Campanaire Museum / Espace Pierre Lasserre

Important donation to the Campanaire Museum / Espace Pierre Lasserre

picture : During the opening, Francis Edraak (Mayor) flanked by Michel Ho (curator) Christine Ducarouge (Local Counsellor) Mr. Aris (Friends of the Museum)

Temporary Exhibition: Bells and Bells for All Winds
Killick-Kendrick Donation (Campanare Heritage)

This year’s Campanaire Museum’s Summer Cultural News presents an exhibition open to all. Thus young and old will be able to discover these exceptional quality seeds. These pieces from the bygone past, offering through their diversity great interest to those who keep their memory, these sounds from the original resonance of some of them! This is through the generosity of the Killick-Kendrick couple who wished to make this donation to their own collection, collected over the years, and very whole from several continents.

It should be noted that they were “friends of the museum”. Mr. Kilic-Kendrick has satiated his collecting passion by going to other countries in search of the unexpected little “coup de coeur”… A sweet story that will delight the little ones, with a world tour shaped like animal silhouettes, giving a playful aspect to this space (made of paper). reinforced) whether it is: llama, deer, yak, ram, cat, horse … ..

Some information

Rich in one of the most important collections of Campanari art in France and with a vast temporary exhibition space, the Municipal Museum of the Isle of Jourdains (for more than six years now) rotates, an exhibition program initiated by the Department of Museum Conservation/Flaran in relation to the proprietorship, mostly artistic or on more specific topics in specialization.
The reality of the Museum’s life (and one of its first calls: the development of its collection) leads us to present an exceptional collection collected, within the framework of professional or pleasure all over the world, which is the subject today of a generous donation from the royal family of the Campanaire Museum.
Coming from all continents, connected (in the literal and figurative sense) to draft or service animals in their daily activities alongside men, this group of 400 cow bells and bells, of which more than 60 can be seen today, will strengthen, if necessary, the place of these Established in the France Museums Network.
Being the subject of a descriptive photographic inventory by the service, in light of this donation, this monolithic collection is now being presented to the public for the first time.
The exhibition was designed and coordinated by the Department of Heritage Preservation and Museums / Flaran, in partnership with the Society of Friends of the Museum and the municipality of Jordan Island.

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