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If you like few people, you are smarter than average (according to science)

Do you want to know if you are smart? Well, take a look around. That, however, is what reveals a new study published by Sebastian Ochlenburg, an expert in biological psychology, in Psychology Today.

The researcher was interested in the relationship between intelligence and social interactions, the question of whether intelligent people are valued more or less than others, and whether they are valued more or less by people. The results are very clear.
The study looked at teenage subjects and found that more intelligent students were valued more by their classmates than those who scored lower on IQ tests.
Surprisingly (or not), when researchers wanted to find out whether the smartest people, on the other hand, liked their classmates, they found that it was not at all. Smarter students generally like fewer students than average students, and only feel comfortable with students of their same level.

The students’ relationships were examined for a year to see if they developed in any way when they got to know each other. And although intelligence does not determine how much they love each other more than they initially did, the more fortunate students continued to prefer bonding more with their peers.

While more research is needed on this and with older individuals, this first site could explain why, in many cases, smart people are thought to be lonely or arrogant.

via GQ Spain