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If they win the election, Labor promises to ban foie gras imports

If they win the election, Labor promises to ban foie gras imports

French foie gras producers should carefully follow the general election in the United Kingdom on July 4. The Daily Mail reported on Monday that if it wins the election as polls predict, the Labor Party intends to ban foie gras imports across the Channel. The Times.

Labour's Steve Reid, tipped to become environment minister, promised the newspaper that a Labor government would “ban the commercial importation of foie gras”, which is banned in the UK. “The next Labor government… will put an end to animal cruelty,” he said.

Foie gras was banned from royal tables

Animal rights activists in Britain have long campaigned for a ban on foie gras, which is obtained by force-feeding ducks and geese. Its production in the country has been banned for over ten years. Around 200 tonnes of foie gras are imported into the UK from countries in Europe each year. times.

In 2022, King Charles III, known for his environmental concerns, banned foie gras from all royal tables, according to a letter revealed by animal rights NGO PETA.

Foie gras production is banned in many European countries such as Germany, Italy and Norway. In 2014, India became the first country to ban its import.

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