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If Jesperi leaves Kotkaniemi, the blame will fall on Marc Bergevin, according to Matthias Brunet.

If Jesperi leaves Kotkaniemi, the blame will fall on Marc Bergevin, according to Matthias Brunet.

Four days after the Hurricanes put up a hostile show for Gisbury Cutkanyemi and the city of Montreal has yet to come back to Earth… and for good reason. It’s unlikely he’ll ever meet the hostile show Mark Bergevin and the odds are that Kotkaniemi will start the 2021-2022 season in Carolina.

And if that happens, then the blame will fall on Mark Bergvin. This is what Matthias Brunet believes.

Many fans have crucified Trevor Timmins in his first-round picks over the past few years, but if a pro team gives such a big sum to one of their first-round picks, it’s not because he did a bad job. exactly the contrary.

According to Mathias Brunet, the blame falls on Marc Bergévin, since it was he who made a hostile proposal in 2019 to Sebastian Aho. He may have been confident on her show at first, but Hurricanes quickly matched her. The result of this hostile display: disastrous, according to Brunet.

why? Because not only has CH not acquired Aho, but it is very likely that he will lose one of his future positions after two years. In addition to making an enemy in Don Waddell…

Martin LeMay, disagrees with his colleague. Lemay believes Geoff Molson is one or more Bergevin responsible.

Basically, the show host on jeez The Canadian GM is believed to be tied up now. He does not have the freedom to extend whoever he wants. If Bergievin wasn’t ready to extend his contract in Montreal, Jeff Molson wouldn’t want to end up with several contract extensions that he or the next GM wouldn’t necessarily have to offer.

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One wonders if Jeff Molson It was not in the paws de Bergevin when it came time to negotiate with Kotkaniemi. We can even add Philip Danault’s name…

One thing is for sure, Trevor Timmins has nothing to be ashamed of. His last matches in the first round have been good so far, and if Kotkaniemi is worth 6.1 million (in the eyes of the Hurricanes), it’s a sign he’s done his job.

A small reminder that CH has until Saturday to equalize Don Waddell’s bid. However, we may have some news by then.

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