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"I'd like to get back with the Canadians" - Corey Perry

“I’d like to get back with the Canadians” – Corey Perry

The Montreal Canadiens broke their season-ending record on Friday after an extraordinary run in the playoffs, as the Montreal club lost in the Stanley Cup final.

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At the end of the classes, the different players do not know if they will all return with the team next season after linking up with their buddies.

“I’m planning to play hockey next year and I’d really like to come back here,” said striker Corey Perry. It is a first class organization. There is a bright future for the team in Montreal and I want to be a part of it.”

Furthermore, Perry, who almost never played with the Habs due to being in concessions at the start of the campaign, spoke affectionately after signing his contract.

“I signed with a team that I encouraged when I was young. It was a lot of fun, although it wasn’t one of the easiest seasons with the family that wasn’t here. But, let’s hope I get to live the experience of Montreal and what this city represents when all the fans come back to the Bell General Center. Next,” he said, before adding that he would have liked to continue his adventure in the final.

“It’s tough. We were so close to winning, then all of a sudden it stopped. We were just a few games away from the cup. It’s not easy.”

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