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Ice fishing: The first ice measurements were taken at La Baie on Wednesday morning

The announcement was made on Facebook Tuesday evening by Contact Nature, the organization that runs ice fishing in the Baie des Ha! Ha! of the city of Saguenay. The first set of readings should span two to three days.

These are the first steps we will take. We can’t wait to see what the thickness of the ice will be, knowing that, we will remind you, we measure the effectiveness of the ice. It takes eight inches (20 cm) for us to start demarcation, ten inches (25 cm) for snow removal and twelve inches (30 cm) for boarding. Obviously, with the weather the past few weeks, it’s late season. Hopefully this week’s cold will allow us to gain eight inches so we can start debutingexplained at the evening the general manager of Contact Nature, Marc-Andre Galbrand.

The demarcation consists in defining the lands of the streets and lands that make up the two fishing villages.

Proceedings for Grande-Baie will follow, but at a date yet to be announced.

Last week, Fisheries and Oceans Canada Delay the start of the hunting season by a week to the thickness of the earth due to insufficient ice cover. It will start on January 14th and end a week later, on March 12th. Hunting for smelting is only permitted while waiting, as it is under the jurisdiction of the county.

We’re not late for the season yet, but with the mild spell announced next week, we’ll have to say it’s not the ideal season to snowball right now.Marc-Andre Galbrand concluded.

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