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Ibrahim Maalouf in an intimate concert at the Espace Léo Ferre in Monaco

Ibrahim Maalouf in an intimate concert at the Espace Léo Ferre in Monaco

Sold out concerts, world tours, award series… Ibrahim Maalouf is the most popular pianist on the French music scene. On Monday, May 23, he will sing in Espace Léo Ferret with ease.

And in the emirate, the famous trumpet player will play “a few melodies” from the album he composed in 2020, on the occasion of his fortieth birthday, entitled “40 melodies.” Ibrahim Maalouf will sing alongside his friend, guitarist Francois Delporte. Together they will revisit many of these forty pieces accompanied only by accompaniments: guitar and trumpet. The easiest way to revisit the melodies that have taken the artist on a journey for more than 20 years.

His ingenuity has been welcomed all over the world

Travels, the Franco-Lebanese has traveled across more than 40 countries in the past 10 years. After becoming the first jazz player in history to fill France’s largest concert hall (December 14, 2016 at the Accor Arena in Paris Bercy) and conquering America, the expert at blending musical genres has been labeled “creative” by the New York Times.

The author and producer of more than 19 albums for himself and other artists, he has also been awarded the trumpeter several times. His awards include “Jazz Victories”, “Music Triumphs” and “Cesar for Best Film Music”.

“My music has something very human in it. I am not trying to brag about it.”

Image source: Yann Ohran

Before singing on the stage of Espace Leo Ferry, Ibrahim Maalouf gave an exceptional interview to Radio Monaco. Find it in the podcast.

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