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“I want to stay, I want to work”: A health worker threatened with eviction

“I want to stay, I want to work”: A health worker threatened with eviction

After living in the country for seven years, a healthcare worker may have to leave behind everything they have built since arriving.

Oliveira Ngoma, originally from Angola in southwest Africa, has integrated well into his community in Quebec where he has lived since 2018, but is threatened with expulsion due to a paperwork issue linked to his asylum application.

After seven years of procedures and appeals against the decision, the ruling was issued: he would not be able to remain in the country.

“Even on my worst enemies, I wouldn't wish what I'm going through,” he said. “I haven't slept for three days.”

He adds: “It's difficult. You can't imagine what he does to me.” Difficult.”

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However, the 44-year-old is well integrated: he speaks French, has an apartment, friends, and works in the health field.

He has a job at CIUSSS de la Capitale nationale.

“I want to stay, I want to work,” he says. If I have this opportunity, it will be a good thing for me and my whole family.

Federal MP for Beauport-Lemoilo, Julie Vignola, is trying to do everything she can to help him.

“If there is a lapse in governance at the administrative level, we will have the ability to act,” she says.

There are more than fifty such files a week at border services offices, according to immigration lawyer Maxime Lapointe.

“Everything has not been decided for this person, but the criterion of whether or not to work in the health field and have children, yes, there are humanitarian criteria in which he can participate.” […] But in order to obstruct the referral, there is no room for maneuver.”

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On June 11, Oliveira Nujoma has an appointment with border services, and if nothing changes in his file, he will have to return to Angola.

He says: “I fear for my life, and the repression continues until now, so I cannot leave.”

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