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“I refuse to share my bed unless you take a shower first…she says I’m exaggerating”

Shower in the morning or in the evening? A 33-year-old man started the discussion on Reddit by posting anonymously.

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He explains that he is “proud that she has such an important job”, because his wife is a gynecologist.

The man adds that he is “not comfortable with the idea of ​​sharing his bed with her if she doesn’t take a shower first.”

“I asked her to take a shower before going to bed, but she thinks it is not necessary and my request is unreasonable. She defends that she wears gloves and takes precautions to avoid contamination and that she changes her uniform regularly,” he adds.

The man says he still feels “discomfort from possible exposure to bodily fluids and I don’t think a quick shower before bed is an unreasonable request.”

Seeing his wife’s firm stance on this matter, he finally succumbs to sleeping on the sofa in the living room.

Reddit user opinion is mixed.

A midwife replies: “Health care workers should always shower as soon as they get home from work. Also, I think everyone should shower after work and at least a quick shower before bed.”

“Guy, do you know what precautions these people take? She’s not getting any money on it,” another person replies, “You’re basically calling it unsanitary when it’s probably cleaner than you.”

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