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"I Passed to the Table": The Autobiography of Gourmet Lara Fabian

“I Passed to the Table”: The Autobiography of Gourmet Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian claims to cook every day of her life. She could eat one tomato sandwich, but she would slice the fruit herself by brushing it with oil, salt, and basil, in a gesture of love and delicacy.

We got a glimpse of the Star Academy manager’s culinary talents when she was simmering pesto and other desserts for some of the competition’s finalists, during a special meal at home, at the end of last season. Many were still unaware of how much Lara Fabian wanted to handle the frying pan, a secret her close guards know all too well.

For a singer who has 30 years of his career, every good little dish tells a story. To her mother preparing little pasta in a blue-and-white enamel pan, preparing herself for her first gratin at the age of sixteen, to the thousand jobs her father did, to winters in Sicily, to her rise, to the eating disorders she overcame…

So the idea to marry her passion for food and people naturally came to Lara, told today in a beautiful gourmet autobiography titled “Je passe à table.”

“Between the stories and the recipes, I tell the ordeals of a girl who has lived at least three lives,” Lara bursts out laughing.

“The table is something that has always existed in my life. First through the carriage that my mother bequeathed to me and that came from her mother to her. I am the fifth generation of women who inherit this love of the table. I have nurtured and crossed many beautiful things, and other difficult things—it can be Beauty is complicated sometimes!-So it seemed natural to me.Cooking is my way of life.I am most interested in the stories we make around a table, about the fact that we are together, not just what we eat.Sometimes it can be so simple And it may be enough to nourish the bond more than the rest.”

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The book is filled with precious memories and personal photos added to recipes inherited from Lara’s family or from her travels around the world. Savory or sweet creations, pastiques of lasagna or meatballs in tomato sauce, omelettes with ricotta and mint or chocolate mousse and Nutella intertwine with poignant or poignant tidbits.

“The significance of ‘Je passe à table’ is that the recipe is really fun because it comes from a moment, as stated in the book. It’s so stuck in the stories that I can’t separate them,” sums up the artist.

Lara Fabian loved the fun and light side of such a book, halfway between confidence and a gourmet group. Perhaps you will follow a real biography one day. “If life allows me, when I’m really older…,” the 51-year-old ventures.

Above all, the formula of these gourmet records allowed Lara to relate slices of life that she might not have been able to approach otherwise, with humor and detachment. Perhaps traditional exercise doesn’t actually touch on her gluten intolerance (“for an Italian, that was a huge turnaround”), or even the skills of her daughter Lou, who is gifted with French pastries. and Japanese food (“She makes crazy ramen!”).

Lara concludes, “I have no expectations for this book.” I just did it in this space where I want to share something…”

“Je passe à table,” Lara Fabian’s gourmet biography, published by Éditions Libre Expression, goes on sale November 3.