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“I needed to take a break.” – Luce Dufault

“I needed to take a break.” – Luce Dufault

At the end of the 1990s, Luce Dufault, who was then on the rise, had to end her tour to take care of herself.

“after DisplaysOne evening, I entered the room and said to my friend: “Cancel everything, I will stop,” the singer told Jean-Philippe Dion, on Sunday evening in True natureWhere she was invited with Dominique Paquet and Marthe Laverdiere.

“I needed to take break “And go get treatment,” she continued.

At that time, Luce Dufault also toured Starmania (1993), writing an album, the birth of his daughter and touring his first solo exhibition.

“If I didn't rest, I wouldn't be worth much at this rate,” she admitted.

the singer Scottish Evenings She also admitted that she never had the desire to be known at any cost.

“Certainly if I took advantage of my platform in France StarmaniaInstead of wanting to get pregnant, we could have put our energy in, stayed there and made an album there, but I didn't care. I don't have the thirst to be recognized somewhere.”

Paralyzing shame

Before Luc Plamondon discovered her to participate in it Jimmy legendLuce Dufault participated in numerous singing competitions, including one that allowed her to record an album. But because she felt extremely embarrassed and “unwilling to defend her personal project,” the singer waited six years before launching it.

“I really felt like an imposter. I wasn't ready to be a soloist.

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