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"I knew what I did" - Brendan Gallagher

“I knew what I did” – Brendan Gallagher

Brendan Gallagher did not play the ostrich. He described his hand passes on Mike Hoffman’s goal with the honesty we know.

“I knew what I did. We were lucky in this match, and I wanted to try one thing. But after that, I thought we wouldn’t have many chances to play.”

– Brendan Gallagher

After winning 6-3, Mike Yu dismissed the NHL’s outrage for a referee’s error in Hoffman’s goal. Eric Furlat and Brandon Schrader made the wrong decision by turning down the challenge.

“Yes, we asked for it. We knew there was a hand pass. It should be forgotten. Mistakes happen. Our game was not derailed after this incident. We responded in the right way.”

– Mike Yu

Recovered from Laval’s rocket Wednesday morning after an injury to Paul Byron, Rafael Harvey Benard played his first game in Canadian gear at Bell Center.

“I didn’t have a lot of images in my head during the national anthems, I wanted to focus. I kept to the same routine. I would rate my match as average. I liked the first two, but didn’t like the third. In the first two we had a good check. We brought pucks into the net . »

– Raphael Harvey Benard

Harvey Benard found himself on the right wing with Jake Evans and Rem Petlake. He was happy to play with Evans.

“I have a lot of respect for him, he’s an example to me. Jake Pick 7And Turn, just like me. I can identify with him. »

– Raphael Harvey Benard