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"I hope the party goes on for a long time, Michelle!"

“I hope the party goes on for a long time, Michelle!”



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exclusive. Canadian singer Celine Dion broke her silence to send a birthday message to her friend Michelle Drucker, who celebrates his 80th birthday on September 12.

“You’ve circled your twenties four times…
I have known, I have received, helped and loved all the best in the arts and entertainment profession. Young beginners, like myself, have been given the opportunity to make themselves known thanks to the tremendous power of broadcasting and promoting your programmes.

You have now been given new tasks for the years to come, which you know are a privilege and a blessing.
For sixty years you have been followed faithfully, both by the French public and by the public in Quebec where you have many friends.

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You entered their hearts through the small window of the audiovisual, they no longer wanted, they could no longer let you go.
Hope the party goes on for a long time…
happy birthday Dear Michael !
I love you,

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