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"I hope the bosses are not responsible for the fourth wave."

“I hope the bosses are not responsible for the fourth wave.”

Less than a week after the May 1 demonstration in Montreal, Public Health announced that two buses had transported about 48 protesters from Levis to the capital that had five people on board with COVID-19. Passengers of the buses in question are encouraged to test and isolate themselves.

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The day before the demonstration, Dr. Pierre-Claude Paulin, pediatrician at CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches, told TVA Nouvelles that he hoped this gathering would not contribute to the spread of the Coronavirus.

A week later, he can prove his predictions correct, which is far from happy.

“I hope that the people of Boss who went to the rally will not be held responsible for the fourth wave,” he told TVA Novels on Friday.

However, Dr Paulin wants any protester who may have contracted COVID-19 to go unpunished.

“I do not wish that someone would go into hospital or worse, pick themselves up in intensive care,” he says.

The latter still hopes that people will be vaccinated, even those who do not believe in the severity of the virus. And he remembers the importance of conducting checks for the passengers of the two buses.

“If they don’t, they risk being agents of spreading a disease that they don’t believe much in, but believe me: it does exist,” confirms the pediatrician.

Dr. Pierre-Claude Paulin believes the situation is extremely problematic in Boss. On the one hand, many citizens are against health measures, and on the other hand, the region is now the second worst affected by COVID-19.

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Only MRC du Granit, in Estrie, has a higher rate of active cases, and according to rumors quoted by Dr. Poulin, the Beaucerons who went to Lac-Mégantic could have contributed to the recent increase in cases in this area.

“At MRC du Granit, we are a little angry at Beauce,” Pierre-Claude Pauline states.

The pediatrician believes that many of the Beauce families are currently divided on the issue of the pandemic. Pierre-Claude Pauline remains convinced, however, that vaccination is the only solution to the health crisis.

And he summarizes: “This is our only way to put an end to the health measures that everyone finds difficult.”

Dr Pauline even suggests a massive vaccination campaign in Boss as well as at the MRC du Granit.