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“I hit rock bottom”

“I hit rock bottom”

Dwayne Johnson has always been one of the biggest celebrities on the planet, so everything he touched turned to gold. But in recent days, he has received many bad news that worries fans. And what if it was the beginning of a great descent into hell for the actor?

When you think of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it’s hard to think of anything other than a man who achieves in all areas of his career. In fact, he was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, a true living legend in WWE, and has established himself as one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood…

But right now, he’s having a slightly tougher time on all levels. A few months ago, he was noticeably devastated by critics after his role in “Black Adam,” which many fans of the big screen considered a fiasco. In a few years, his fans may remember it as the beginning of their descent into Hell.

The cascading failures of The Rock in Hollywood!

Because this weekend, in the space of a few hours, he received two terrible news in a row. One, his sitcom Young Rock, which relives its beginnings as a sitcom, was canceled after only 3 seasons. The other is that the XFL, the American professional football league, has posted record losses. For netizens, it is a remarkable vicious circle:

The movie “Black Adam” was a failure. The XFL lost $60 million. He ran into Vin Diesel after he claimed he would never fast again. Young Rock has been cancelled. The rock has reached rock bottom.

While nothing can resist him for a while, The Rock is on the cusp of major disappointments…his movies don’t necessarily work anymore, he’s forced to ask for roles he’s given up, and above all, his investment in the XFL is in the process. turn into a fiasco. For netizens, it’s a real descent into hell.

At this level, you have to study your descent into Hell 😭

The Rock is no longer necessarily in a state of grace, which is finally quite reassuring. He can even experience failure, like everyone else, and he will have the opportunity to show what he is made of. It sure is, and it will rebound quickly.

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