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'I have to make a good impression'

‘I have to make a good impression’

Quebecers Mathieu Perrault and Cedric Paquette will wear the Montreal Canadiens jersey in a game for the first time on Saturday night.

CH’s two new acquisitions will develop on the same trio against the Maple Leafs, in Toronto, in the company of another Belle County representative, Alex Belzile.

Here are their comments for CH’s first prep match, as well as those of Dominique Ducharme:

Bucket Cedric

Cedric Paquette’s press briefing before the warm-up match against Foliage –

“I think I should make a good impression and keep it simple at first. We will look for our legs first. Then we will play well.”

“I came here to play Game. That’s what I said when I signed up here. We’ll see what happens, but I’ll give 110% every day to get my place.”

“I’m excited. Of course, I would have liked to have been in Bale’s position, but we can’t play them all there. I can’t wait to put on the jacket and have the experience.”

“We had a really good week together (with Alex Pelzel and Matthew Perrault). I won’t change my style and I won’t change my style. All three so far, it’s working fine.”

Matthew Perrault

Matthew Perrault’s pre-season press briefing against the Leafs –

“I come to every camp with the same mindset. Although conditions were different in Winnipeg, I always felt pressured to prove what I could do. It’s the same here.”

“I don’t see that I am fighting for a job. I come here and play in the best way I can. I want to make a difference in every game, whether it’s wing position or special teams.”

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“Wearing the Canadians shirt tonight would be really special.”

“So far it’s been really good. We work really well together. We’re three workers and we support each other really well. This should look like this. (On his three-way with Paquette and Alex Belzel). If we get out of there with a win, we’ll be very happy.”

“I just want to try to show what I can do. From there, it won’t be my decision (about his position in the team).”

Dominique Ducharme

Dominique Ducharme’s press briefing before the pre-match against Leaf –

“(Sami Nico) is in a struggle for a position. He is an attacking man with a good vision. He competes with others. He will have to tell us where he will play: Laval or Montreal.”

“Arber Xhekaj is a kid who plays for Kitchener (at OHL). The organization wants to take the time to make the decision because he is 20 years old (…). Can he adapt to professional hockey? We want him to soak his feet and show what he can do” .

“I love what they (Perreault and Paquette) bring. They provide experience. It would be good to see them in a game. We love what they are doing so far in camp.”

“(Brendan) Gallagher will be on the ice tomorrow. He won’t play a game. He will train on Monday and could play in the show’s third game.”

“Mike Hoffman is expected to be away for four weeks.”