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“I had anxiety and insomnia problems” - Jonathan Drouin

“I had anxiety and insomnia problems” – Jonathan Drouin

On April 23, Montreal Canadiens striker Jonathan Drouin decided, to everyone’s surprise, to take a break from hockey. Now ready to get back in the game, Quebec has returned to the causes and circumstances of postponing his career.

The interview with journalist Renaud Lavoie from TVA Sports will be broadcast this evening on TVA Sports at 8 pm.

“All year round, I’ve had anxiety issues, and insomnia problems!” said Darwin in this interview. on TVA. I’ve been through this for several years. But this week has been a difficult week. I got sick, and I had no energy to play hockey. I still remember going out [de la période de] While warming up that day, I had no energy to play hockey, no strength in my body, and my mind either.”

After months of work, CH’s 92 now appears to be working great.

“He’s doing a great job. The Canadians and Jonathan supporters should be very happy that Jonathan Drouin decided to take over. At the same time, it was important for him to do that interview, because it’s a way to turn the page. It’s a goal for him too, because He wants to focus on one thing, and that’s really what he wants to do with Canadians. […] It was a very revealing interview.”

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