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Céline Dion au plus mal : elle pend enfin la parole et partage un message bouleversant…

I finally took the word and shared a touching message…

Celine Dion ; Silent since her health was revealed, Celine Dion has finally made a comeback. She wanted to pay tribute to two people close to her heart. We tell you everything.

« She can’t get out of bed anymore.”

On October 29, a person close to the singer revealed the extent of the damage. We had to quit: the Quebec singer has major health problems. ” She can no longer get out of bed, move, or walk. She suffers from pain in legs And in her paralyzed feet. She is very weak and has lost a lot of weight,” one of her relatives told our colleagues here.

Celine Dion is still recovering. She does not hide her fears. Because he no longer takes the risk of finding his audience. The singer is said to suffer from severe muscle spasms. This prevents him from doing the show on stage, or even getting ready during rehearsals.

Celine Dion had planned to return to the stage, according to information from the magazine closer. But she canceled her concert at Resorts World, a new 5,000-seat resort located in Sin City. She even had to meet big American stars like Katy Perry. ” For now, his brave March 2022 tour in Denver has been postponed, pending possible changes. . ‘Can we read in the columns of the magazinecloser.High-level experts are said to be dealing with the 53-year-old artist at the moment. They will do everything forback on track».

Celine Dion: “It’s true that I’m a little thinner. «

His weight loss also caused panic among his fans and those around him as well. She did not hesitate to express herself on the subject: It’s called skinny, I’m skinny, but I’m also really cute, you know. True, I am a little thinner. Everything is fine, no need to worry. But these vague words failed to convince.

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On November 23, Michel and Claudette, brother and sister of Celine, wanted to tell her the news. ” Is okay ! She is just recovering from her cramps. There are people who take care of him. do not worry. Will definitely return. “And They exploded on Quebec TV. And this time, the singer is the one who finally speaks.

But this does not mean talking about his health. Celine Dion comes out of her silence to salute two artists who have just died: Rene Martel and Carlos Marin. Tuesday, December 21, Celine Dion personally entered her Twitter account. ” Last weekend, we sadly lost two great artists… On Saturday, Renee Martel, “Queen of Quebec Country” passed away. Madam Martel, your entire work will continue to live for generations to come.”already explained.

“There will never be another voice or soul like Carlos.”

To continue: And yesterday we lost Carlos Marin, member of Il Divo. Your talent and passion for the stage has been incredible, and working with you has been a real privilege. Warm condolences to loved ones. Rest in peace, you will not be forgotten.”And And so I let her know. Carlos Morin was the lead singer of the group Il Divo. He collaborated with the singer on the track I believe in you. But he died at the age of 53 as a result of Covid-19.

This sad news was posted on the official social networks of the group:“It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that our friend and partner Carlos Marin has passed away. His friends will miss him family and his fans. There will never be another voice or soul like Carlos.”The other three group members also took the floor. “We have been on this amazing Il Divo trip together for 17 years, and we will miss our dear friend. We hope and pray that his beautiful soul rests in peace. With love – David, Sebastian and Urs », the musicians announced in mourning.

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