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"I didn't mean to hurt him" - Mark Shefel

“I didn’t mean to hurt him” – Mark Shefel

Winnipeg Jets forward Mark Sheffley said he never wanted to hurt Jake Evans in the final moments of the first round of the second game against the Montreal Canadiens.

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That’s what the 28-year-old claimed, Friday, after training his team.

“My goal in this game was to stop him from scoring, and I didn’t take any damage. I didn’t want to hurt a player. I didn’t take a single offensive penalty in nearly 600 NHL games,” said Schivelli.

“I was in shock, I didn’t think it was a bad body check,” he added. I tried to keep my elbow and was just trying to give my team a chance to win the game. I never hurt anyone [auparavant] in my career.”

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comment “excessive”

Remember that the Jets representative hit Evans seriously with 57 seconds left in the third and that the CH player just took a 5-3 win of his family in an empty net.

On Thursday, Scheffel received a four-game ban for his gesture.

“I find the punishment excessive,” he said. I wasn’t waiting for this. I’m in shock. Having said that, I can accept it, but what I don’t accept is all the hate my parents and family have received since that event.”

no contact

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While he clearly disagrees with the NHL player safety department’s decision, Scheifele has no plans to appeal.

“I have the option to appeal the suspension, but I won’t. I accept the penalty. I don’t want to be a distraction,” said one of Gates’ best strikers.

The Canadian team and the Manitoba team meet Friday evening for the second game of this series of the second round.

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