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“I can’t talk much about it, but…” - Litang

“I can’t talk much about it, but…” – Litang

The rumor that Christopher Letang was sent to Montreal this summer has been circulating for some time now and the main party involved did nothing to calm them down on Wednesday.

in an interview in GCDefender of the Penguins has revealed a little more about the plans he has in mind as he gets closer to becoming an Unfettered Free Agent.

“For me, Montreal has always been a special place. I spent 16 years in Pittsburgh. I have been able to live great moments with the Penguins. My primary goal has always been to finish my career here in Pittsburgh. We also know that it is a ‘business’ and that there are choices to be made. “If I’m a victim of that, I can’t talk much about it, but the list of teams I want to play for is short,” Quebec said with a smile.

The latter also believes that he still has many good years in hockey and is doing everything possible to get the chance to play hockey for as long as possible.

“I love training. I’ve always had a lot of focus on working on the snow. I knew that was the key to extending my career. I had some big injuries in my twenties, but when you heal well, those things stay behind and you can look to the future.”

However, Letang is in the lead in Pittsburgh at the moment. He only has one goal at the end of the season.

“We get the same question every year. People see that we are getting older, but the results are still there. A lot of people thought we weren’t going to play the playoffs, but we were number one in the top flight at some point. We definitely see there are fewer and fewer years. In our careers. But the challenge we set ourselves every year is to win the Stanley Cup. This year, we have a chance to do that. We don’t want to look too far and we want to take full advantage of that.”

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Vale as former QMJHL Furors also wanted to praise teammate Sidney Crosby, who recently scored the 500th goal of his career at the Pittman circuit.

“All the players that I’ve had the chance to play with is a privilege. For me, it’s been 16 years. So I feel very privileged. He’s a player who is probably among the three or five best players in history. At the beginning of his career, a lot of people thought he was just a passerby. Sabeel. Now he scores 500. We can say that he has improved and that he has really improved.

Watch the interview in the video above.