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I asked him about it

I asked him about it

Since the start of the week, the best odds for Buffalo’s next NHL entry draft have been for sum from the NHL. This is an opportunity for them to introduce themselves, whether through physical exams or by meeting various organizations in the Pittman Circle.

Among the many, there is clearly Joraj Slavkovsky, the giant winger who should be released in top 3 In the next draft. He is also one of the players who can be recruited by CH in first place on July 7.

However, the fact that he plays on the wing instead of the middle can play against him, while among players of the same caliber, the middle brings more value to the team than the wing. Playing the center on the wing is more applicable than playing the wing in the middle.

However, we learned today that teams have asked Slafkovsky, who has already played (a bit) a position in Europe, if he feels he can play a position in the NHL.

The Devils and the Canucks did, and we don’t know if CH spoke to him about it or not.

In fact, if Slavkovsky says he can play in the middle, it increases his value. But the problem lies in his experience in the center very limited to a few years (He has only 49 matches since the 2019-20 season) and that he enjoys above all the appearance of a wing.

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If CH considers him to be number one, I hope it’s as a winger and not as a project midfielder. There is no doubt that Alex Galchenyuk 2.0 is bouncing back and forth to a point where his development has slowed.

Back to Slavkovsky, the excellent Anthony Martino who is in sum And who has a chance to talk to Children Available on the siteAnd the Chat with Slovak today.

They spoke in particular about the difficulties he faces in Liga…

Reasons why is The first choice…

And the reasons why it fit Excellent with Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki.

In short, we’ll see if Slafkovsky will be CH’s pick on July 7, but if he says he can play in the middle, it would definitely be a huge plus for his nomination. I still think the choice would be Shane Wright, but Slafkovsky seems to have a chance of muddying the waters.

Many of

Speaking of Slavkovsky.

– It could happen very interesting.

– That was expected.

– He’s ahead of Joshua Roy in particular.

– Great news.