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"I am a real winner"

“I am a real winner”

Caitlin Jenner running for governor of California

Choral Laplant

Reality star and former Olympic champion Caitlyn Jenner announced her candidacy for California governor on Friday. Even if her chances of winning are slim, she may become the first transgender woman to reach the position in the United States.

“I am a true winner and the only intruder who can end Gavin Newsom’s disastrous period,” the 71-year-old star and gold medalist in the Decathlon Olympics in Montreal said in a statement. 1976 when she was named Bruce Jenner.

The seat of California’s incumbent governor, Democrat Gavin Newsom, is being threatened by a campaign to trigger a “no-confidence vote.” More than 1.5 million signatures are needed to run this rarely used procedure.

PHOTO NIC COURY, Associated Press

Gavin Newsom, Governor of California

Newsom has been criticized for its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has imposed strict health measures against it, and closed schools and businesses. Caitlin Jenner lamented the situation, citing “small destructive businesses” and “an entire generation of children” who were being deprived of school for a year.

On Raphael Jacob, Associate Researcher in the Raul Dandorand Chair who specializes in American politics, Prof.I However, Jenner is a far cry from a win, since California is a majority Democratic state.

Although the recall card is not yet official, his supporters say they have already collected the necessary number of signatures. As part of this exercise, voters will be asked first whether or not they want Governor Newsom to continue in office. The man has been in power since 2019. California residents will then answer the second question, which is which candidate should replace Newsom.

Raul Dandorand Chair Observatory resident researcher in the United States, Andrian Bisonetti also believes that Mr.I Jenner still has a long way to go to a potential victory. Cox, the Republican candidate, would also like to see his name on the ballot. He was running for California Governor in 2018, and lost.

MI Bissonnette believes Caitlyn Jenner’s position will appeal to a portion of the Republican electorate. “Within the Republican Party, there are groups of voters who advertise themselves as belonging to the LGBTQ + community who vote for the party due to a variety of other issues. But they don’t necessarily agree with it. [avec la position du parti] When it comes to sexual and reproductive rights.


Caitlyn Jenner’s team consists of former members of Donald Trump’s entourage, whose candidacy she supported in 2016.

MI However, Jenner reversed her position on President Trump in 2019. For Raphael Jacob, the 71-year-old did not have a “choice” to make such an announcement to secure her election. “Is an apology sufficient to convince voters to pass by the towel?” Let me be skeptical, “he says.

A specialist in American politics considers the reputation of M.I Jenner outside of politics can also tip the scales.

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Over the past decade, she has gained fame mostly through her participation in reality television. keeping up with the Kardashians. Note in a photo of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was elected Republican Governor of California in 2003 … after the no-confidence vote.

Greater representation of transgender people

MI However, Jenner isn’t the first transgender woman to enter politics in our Southern neighbors. Sarah McBride made history last November when she won a seat on the Delaware Senate.

Photo by Jason Minto, Archival Press

Sarah McBride, Senator from Delaware

“If we go beyond the bipartisan partnership, there is a possibility that there will be progress in the representation of transgender people,” Andréanne Bissonnette believes.

About the director of the Montreal Program on Child Gender Disparity, Dr.s Shufu Ghosh, “You have to see transgender people in all regions. It will normalize the definition of trans.” He adds that the representation of transgender people in all workplaces is essential in order to break the population’s prejudices towards this group.

Ds Gosh laments that trans people are often portrayed negatively or sadly. “I encourage some young trans people, if they are open enough and have good self-esteem, to share their stories. It is important to know that transgender people have had many successes in their lives.”

– The French News Agency