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‘I am a prisoner in the house’: 55 years and more renters denied an elevator for 8 months

A municipal housing office building has been without its only elevator for 8 months now and the situation is causing a lot of trouble for its residents in Quebec.

The situation has been ongoing since August 8 in the Domaine Beauséjour, which is reserved for people aged 55 and over.

The main work needs to be done. On the other hand, difficulties related to digging under the elevator prompted the building management to revise its plans. Replacement times now extend until next July when the lift will be accessible again.

The administration has put in place measures to assist tenants, in particular to haul groceries, by making people available at certain times of the day.

Despite everything, the situation is still difficult for the tenants.

“We do what we need to do so we can connect the elevator. This is a really undesirable situation. We still get CIUSSS help.

For residents, the inconvenience varies from person to person.

“There was a lady that day who had to leave in an ambulance and she was on the fifth floor. They were in trouble, they had to watch out for his arms in the way. There are many who can’t get out because they stay too high,” says a woman who lives in the building.

“Going up the stairs once is hard for me. I can’t really leave my house to eat lunch because it takes 10, 15, 20 minutes to recover. I’m like being in prison at home. I’m no longer free to go out and in as I want,” says a resident.

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A financial compensation of $500 was offered to each tenant by the management. You also undertake not to increase the rent amount in July.