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Hydro-Québec asks to avoid the Saint-Maurice River

Hydro-Québec asks to avoid the Saint-Maurice River

The effects of a spring wave and torrential rain in the past few hours forced Hydro-Québec to open its dams on Thursday, forcing the state-owned company to ask boat owners to avoid approaching power plants located on the Saint-Maurice River. River in Morrissey.

“To ensure their safety and preserve their lives, we do not recommend engaging in activities on the Saint Maurice River as long as flows remain strong,” Hydro-Québec said in a statement.

Their spokesman said the force of the currents could cause a boat that finds itself in a dangerous area to capsize quickly.

“It’s dangerous, all it takes is a stronger current than expected or a boat capsize for tragedy,” said Marc-Antoine Rouest.

Booms, that is, buoys that mark vulnerable areas, are not installed everywhere. People close to the power plants in Gabel and Rocher de Gran Mer are still missing.

“According to the information currently available to us, we estimate that flows will remain exceptionally high for a few more weeks,” Hydro-Québec added. Our specialists estimate that the flow of the St. Maurice River can only return to normal at the end of July,” Hydro-Québec reported.

Despite the torrential rains in the past few days, there is no doubt of flooding, according to Civil Security in Morrissey.

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