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Huts and trailers closed: Here's the solution to protect you from rodents this fall

Huts and trailers closed: Here’s the solution to protect you from rodents this fall

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In the absence of human activity, rodents are known to comfortably settle inside buildings, protected from weathering. If you do not intervene quickly with insect repellent, the consequences can be dire and very expensive.

Indeed, in addition to gnawing electrical wires, they pierce holes in the walls in order to gain access to them. Having quietly made their home – in mattresses, insulation of walls, pillows, etc. They reproduce very quickly, and on average mice give birth to at least 13 babies every three weeks.

In order to put the odds on your side—and to avoid unpleasant surprises—it’s important that you use the right products when closing your chalet, trailer, RV, boat, shed, or garage at the end of the season.

The perfect, affordable, cruelty-free solution: the product repellent rod, Made in Canada and distributed by Eco Securica Inc. After a decade of research and development, this pest control product has proven its effectiveness and finally earned the Canadian registration.

The first rodent repellent formulated with natural ingredients, odorless and usable indoors, it responds to a growing problem by repelling rodents and preventing intrusion, for up to six months in confined spaces. In addition, it is safe for humans, pets, and farm animals.

With this product, there is no need to strive to hunt for rodents: they are the only ones aware of the smell of the product, they spontaneously go outside in the days following its use.

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With a shelf life of two years, it is recommended for year-round use, especially when storing RVs in the fall and when using them in the summer season. A good dose in strategic places allows you to protect yourself from the interference of unwanted visitors. One bag covers an area of ​​9.3 m2 (100 p2).

He died during the process of validating an inventor’s will rod repellent He left his patent to his three children. In addition to ordering production to continue in a Saskatchewan village, the man insisted on continuing to hire people for rehabilitation or those with intellectual disabilities.

Say goodbye to unwanted tenants with ROD the Repellent. To buy the product online, find a point of sale or watch the demonstration videos, go to