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Hurricanes donate to the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation

Hurricanes donate to the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation

In recent years, we’ve seen a fun rivalry between Hurricanes and Canadians. It all started when CH made a hostile offer to Sebastian Aho, and since then, we’ve had a hostile offer from cane To Jesperi Kotkaniemi (with A marketing campaign that looked like revenge), a Denunciation of too few preparatory matches And site for troller CH . supporters.

Entertaining, I tell you.

However, today a bunch of jerks There was a great initiative there. As part of World Kindness Day (World Kindness Day), Hurricanes announced that they have made a donation to the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation.

The amount has not been disclosed, but the amount can be assumed to be greater than $15 or $20. Now is not the time for “trolling”, but the time for mutual assistance, and I think the hurricanes have understood that very well.

The cane You can also invite everyone to donate to an NHL team-led organization, whatever it is. To entice people, they will have five signed balls drawn from among everyone who submits a photo to prove their donation.

The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation responded to the Hurricanes’ statement, thanking them for their support and reiterating how generous the hockey community is.

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It also took the opportunity to announce that it will open a new outdoor skating rink on Monday near Val d’Or. Poles, skates and helmets will be provided for all to enjoy.

In short, despite the rivalry between the two teams regarding hockey, it is good to see that the Hurricanes are ready to bury the hatchet for a day to help his opponent and the youth he helps.

We emphasize the “dog shots” between the two teams, but we must also emphasize these beautiful moments.

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– It will be the first this season.

– In fact.

– Who would have believed that?

– A real bombshell in the race for the championship in Formula 1.

A hard blow to the rams.

– The question is correct.