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Hugo Besan holds the record in Australia

Hugo Besan holds the record in Australia

Winner of the young Hugo Besan (1.91m, 20 years old) who got engaged in his first season in Australia. The best hopeful and highest scorer in last year’s Pro Bi, he tied two games over 25 points in Oceania with a frenzy chain.

On Friday, Hugo Besson won. On Sunday, he did it again. In the Australian first basketball division NBL, the young Frenchman (20 years old) shines on the other side of the world. On December 10, against Melbourne Phoenix, Besson signed a 26-point performance with 8 rebounds. The Native Anchors leader continues with 25 points against the Adelaide 36ers at 7/14 at 5/10 with 3-bits, 5 rebounds and 2 assists. The hot scenes confirm the expectations of his first years in France.

Good place for the next NBA draft

Hugo Besson, who was almost registered for the 2021 draft, last withdrew his name to focus on 2022. Sacred Pro B’s best chance for his exceptional season with Saint-Quentin, during which time he finished high in the championship. With his latest performance, the leader born in 2001 goes to the point of announcing “fake draft”, predictions, first round (30 first selections).

In search of success

Despite his excellent statistical sheets, the result is: his New Zealand Breakers team has yet to win. Returning to victory will be the next challenge for former Elon Salon, along with his teammate Usman Dieng. Like Lamelo Ball or RJ Hampton, precisely executed by breakers and drafted in 2020 (24e) The Frenchman is fine to continue to shine this season. Cross the world again towards the states this summer.

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