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Hughes could have traded in Monahan and Edmundson

If the Canadian infirmary can end up being emptied, Kent Hughes will certainly be getting phone calls from his peers wanting a veteran. The general manager will be attentive to proposals, but he will avoid emptying his club of its main sources of knowledge.

For that matter, with Kaiden Guhle, Arber Xhekaj, Jordan Harris and Justin Barron backing the Under-23s doing very well in the PRT, the Canadian general manager might be tempted to break away from Joel Edmundson or David Savard.

We’re talking about two veterans who won the Stanley Cup, a valuable commodity for a team contemplating an extended stint in the playoffs.

Recognizing the possibility of compromise, Hughes again raised the importance of balance.

“If we can make a deal for a draft pick or to bring depth to a position where we’re less wealthy, we might look,” he said.

“We are talking about two very important players in the locker room, but also two important players on the ice for the education of our young players. The way they play helps the young people learn.”

Moreover, as a right holder, Savard is practically untouchable. Of the Canadian’s four right-backs, he is, at the moment, the only true starting quarterback. The others are Barron, Jonathan Kovacevic, and Chris Weidman.

Watch Part One of Kent Hughes’ press briefing in the video above and Part Two below.

Press briefing by K. Hughes, Part 2 –

Monahan case

Sean Monahan, if he can fully recover from his foot injury, Hughes’ phone will probably vibrate.

Except that Monahan, who everyone saw under other skies in the latter part of the season, delivered two months of stellar service for the Habs before falling in action on Dec. 5 in Vancouver.

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We just have to see the impact of this absence on Nick Suzuki’s performance to be convinced. Perhaps Hughes would do well if he was offered a new contract?

Of course, with a pay cut compared to the $6.37 million he earned for each of the past seven years.

“We’re definitely better with Sean in rehearsals,” Hughes said.

Then share the following anecdote.

“After five games, everyone said we were going to trade him. I called him into my office. I told him he was part of this team, that he wouldn’t be traded in the following weeks and enjoy Montreal.

Image source: Getty Images via AFP

Almost back

However, Hughes still doesn’t know what the future holds for the future he got a 2025 first-round pick for absolutely nothing.

“I told him three things could happen: He stays here, we just trade him in, or we trade him in and bring him back over the summer.”

And it likely won’t be fixed until Monahan is back in the game.

On the subject, Hughes concluded, “Sean is close to a comeback.”