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Hugh Jackman talks about his five facial cancers

Hugh Jackman has battled not one, but five facial skin cancers in recent years. “My doctor says he’ll be back,” says the 54-year-old actor.

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The actor, particularly known for his role as Wolverinerecently opened up to Le Parisien about tumors on his face that had to be removed several times over the past five years.

He was wearing a large bandage on his nose during this promotional interview for his latest movie SonIt was hard to avoid this topic.

He explains that he had been suffering from the “less serious, fortunately” type of cancer, but is not immune from a recurrence. “My doctor assures me it will come back,” he says.

From 2013 to 2017, the actor underwent six operations to remove his cancerous tumors. Since then, every suspicious spot has been examined and biopsied.

During the course of his health adventures, he found it important to talk about it openly on social media, in order to make people aware of the risks associated with prolonged exposure to the sun and the importance of regular medical follow-up and check-ups. . His video and photo posts often feature him having a bandage on his nose. However, we did not know that he had to undergo many operations and repetitions.

The actor can thank his wife, Deborah Lee Furness, who advised him to see a doctor when they first noticed a spot on his face in 2013.

The English-born star who grew up in Australia has to avoid exposing himself to the sun, a gesture he regrets not having thought of doing before. “At that time, we had less of a reaction to protect ourselves,” he says. However, the consequences of prolonged exposure to the sun do not appear until after 25 years. »

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