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Hubert Lenoir destabilizes everyone live in good evening good evening

Hubert Lenoir destabilizes everyone live in good evening good evening

When was a team Good evening announce itHubert Lenoir was added to the table at the last minute This Wednesday evening, we knew we had to anticipate everything.

The young Quebec singer landed on the set in a fur hat, oversized sunglasses, and pajama shorts.

He himself stated that his agent had called the crew of the talk show Jean-Philippe Wauthier the day before because his colt, returning from Paris, wanted to do television.

His vague sentences, his supposed detachment, and his sense of humor surprised the host, even if he was still ready to confront his guest.

On social networks, many viewers highlighted their lack of interest in this controversial character.

Some still claim to be in love with the intrepid singer-songwriter, such as Stefan Bellavance, who loudly declared his admiration for the unusual young man.

To mark the occasion, Billy Teller, who introduced the “What do we do before we go to bed” capsule, put on a hairy helmet and Smoked glasses. ” I’m always looking for new trends He released the comedian who could smile at the one he was imitating.

Note that Hubert Lenoir will be performing at The Francos on June 14.

Unlike the translator of “Darlène, darling”, a young guest from good evening good evening a 100% enchanting viewers this week. Watch his unforgettable talk here.

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