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Hubert de Givenchy's personal collection at auction in Paris

Hubert de Givenchy’s personal collection at auction in Paris

Paintings by Miró and Picasso, 18th Regency Furniture…: The Personal Collection of the French Fashion Designer Hubert de Givenchy The estimated 50 million euros will be auctioned at Christie’s in Paris starting Wednesday. “Furniture should be caressed like things, looked at and loved,” said the designer. His collection of more than 1,200 pieces will be on display from June 10 to 14 at the Christie’s Salons in Paris. About 800 “key” items will be auctioned off during four actual sales at the Marigny Theater and then at Christie’s from June 14-17. The auction house told AFP that 400 small items were scheduled to be sold online from June 8 to 23.

In Paris, the general public will be able to discover all the treasures that accompanied the fashion designer, who died in 2018, on a daily basis in his Parisian mansion where he lived with his companion Philippe Vignet. Both have shared their passion for collecting furniture and artwork for years. Its value is estimated at 50 million euros, and its collection contains about 200 paintings by old and modern masters, about a hundred sculptures, French and European furniture and many decorative objects. It “does not include clothing, but it does reflect the couture legend’s passion for fabrics and fabrics that dress sofas and armchairs and which is also reflected in two canvases painted by artist Claudio Bravo,” according to Christie.

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Passionate aesthetic

A passionate beauty, deeply rooted in French culture, the fashion designer saw his passion for art, decor and gardening as an extension of his work as a fashion designer with green, gold, white and black as his favorite colours. Born in Beauvais to an aristocratic family of Venetian origin, the costume designer was raised with a great grandfather who was a designer for the Paris Opera and his grandfather who was a manager of a Beauvais textile factory, who is also a great collector.

One of his first acquisitions was the Régence unit of the Coco Chanel collection, which welcomed him to dinner. Through it, he discovers the group of Jose Maria and Messia Sert, two artists from whom he acquired a rare neo-classical Italian console. The sale includes, among other things, a vase probably acquired by the King of Naples around 1780 as well as a set of Regency period vases and a Baroque bronze censer from Augsburg. From fashion to decor, the collection reflects the unique approach of the man who dressed Jackie Kennedy and actress Audrey Hepburn, his muse and best friend.