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Hubble reveals a new image of Jupiter in ultraviolet light and it is amazing!

Hubble reveals a new image of Jupiter in ultraviolet light and it is amazing!

The Hubble Space Telescope has cast its ultraviolet gaze on Jupiter. This is not the first time. But the result is always surprising and wonderful.

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To fully understand a situation, it is often helpful to analyze it from different angles. the Astronomy scientistsAstronomy scientists I know that well. For several decades, they have been taking advantage of the capabilities provided by the Hubble Space Telescope to collect different and unique data about the planets of our solar system. In the field of ultraviolet radiation, for example.

Jupiter turns blue in ultraviolet light

Marking the passage JupiterJupiter In contrast – this is how astronomers describe the position of the planet opposite the sun, as seen from our Earth – and therefore closest to our planet, NASA researchers Thus they published a destabilizing image of Jupiter as it appears in this particular region. False colors have been added since then eyeeye Unable to distinguish between ultraviolet rays. And so is the famous one “Big red spot” Jupiter appears here in “Dark blue. Because molecules fogfog Located at high altitudes inAtmosphereAtmosphere Of the largest planet in our solar system absorbs a lighta light For this WavelengthsWavelengths. »

Jupiter: Stunning new images of its cloud bands

On the polar side of the gas giant planet, clouds of different sizes and compositions and located at different altitudes absorb less ultraviolet radiation. This results in red colors in the image.

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Revealing the secrets of Jupiter’s atmosphere

This image was revealed by researchers from NASANASA It is one of those that aims to study the super system StormsStorms Jupiter. The ultimate goal of astronomers is to map, using ultraviolet light, the cloud structures of the planet’s atmosphere in 3D. Giant planetGiant planet.