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Huawei wants you to unlock your smartphone with your lips

Huawei has just filed a new patent application for an unusual unlocking/locking system. In fact, this technology plans to exploit the movement of the lips to identify the user and allow entry or not.

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while we wait Possible official presentation of Huawei P50 on July 29, 2021Shenzhen increases patent application filing. After revealing his work New wireless transmission system for foldable smartphonesHuawei has just published a new patent, as we learned from our colleagues at Huawei Central.

This document is entitledmethod and device of opening equipment”, It was registered by the brand on June 29, 2021. It is therefore a new system dedicated to locking and unlocking our smartphone. After reading the patent, it turns out that This technology will use the movement of the lips to identify the user.

Huawei wants to use your lips to unlock your smartphone

You see, our lips act like a fingerprint, meaning that the wrinkles on the surface and the shape are unique to each individual, making this part of the body Perfect for biometrics. As the patent reveals, this technology will consist of a scanning unit and an identification unit. The procedure will be as follows:

  • The scanning unit takes a picture of the user’s lips
  • The identification module then compares the captured image to the reference image of your lips recorded in your smartphone
  • So movement, shape and wrinkles are analyzed by the identification unit
  • The unit then determines whether you want to unlock the device or not

If this technology becomes a reality, it will be added to already existing solutions such as fingerprint reader, facial recognition, not to mention classic patterns and PIN codes. Note that this patent has been talked about a lot on Weibo, the Chinese social network. While the idea caused quite a stir, some users questioned the practical application of this technology. Especially at a time when mask-wearing is still generalized in many countries.

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In any case, it will likely take several months or even years to see this system reach Huawei smartphones. Reminder, Huawei also wants to integrate a tool on its smartphones to analyze your skin. technology reminiscent of Presented by Google during the Google I / O . conference.

Source : Huawei Central