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Megadeth : Dave Mustaine confirme que David Ellefson ne figurera pas sur le prochain album

“However, they were great”

David Elfson has opened up that he felt compelled to ‘hate’ Metallica In the name of his ex-boyfriend mjdth, Dave Mustaine.

While appearing on Jeremy White’s podcast, David Elfson opened up about meeting members of Metallica after Mustaine was kicked out of the group.

He said: “They were absolutely fantastic. Lars [Ulrich] He was talkative, talked a lot and James [Hetfield] He didn’t speak much. But they were very cool.”

“I didn’t know what to think of them because I heard about them in conversations with Dave… He was talking about them because he was part of the group. [avant d’être viré]. “

He completed: “[Mustaine] He had his side of the story, of course. It’s one of those things–if you were my friend, you would hate all my enemies and you would love all my friends too.”

“You have to pick a team, when the players of Metallica were always great and you became good friends with them, as with all the guys in the Big Four.”

“I ended with this loyalty saying that if I wanted to be in Megadeth, I should hate Metallica. That’s bullshit.”

Ellefson unveiled a new music project in September called The Lucid, which released his self-titled debut album a month later.

Megadeth’s new album is expected to appear in early 2022.

David Elfson on Jeremy White’s podcast:

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