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How would Google like all your health data in one place

Google wants to improve health data tracking in Android. After revealing Health Connect last year, the collection of APIs to bring it all together in one place: more than 50 compatible apps already and new features are to come.

Google Pixel Watch // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

During Google I/O 2023, Android 14 beta 2 was released: an opportunity to add new features to Health Connect, the protocol that brings all your health data together in the same app. But also the opportunity to evaluate applications compatible with this service.

Android Health: Android health function

The diagram of how Android Health works is a bit complicated, but we can understand it. Android Health actually combines two platforms for health app developers: Health Connect and Health Services.

Health Connect, what is it?

The first is a set of APIs used to store and share health data between Android apps. This allows any developer to fetch steps, weight, or heart rate from another app. The goal is to have one app, the one you choose, that collects all of your health data. Health Connect helps prevent developers from creating different APIs between themselves. It also strengthens security due to better permission management. Currently, the protocol supports more than 40 types of health data. The latest: revealing golf shots, to list your best swinging.

How Health Connect Works // Source: Android Developers Blog

What are health services?

Equivalent to Health Connect, but for devices running Wear OS 3 and later, such as smartwatches. This is also a set of APIs This allows developers to write a single code and run it on all devices. Its design will allow Significant energy savings ’, enough to increase our independence wearable. We should logically see this protocol make its way to Wear OS 4, which was also announced at Google I/O.

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Health Connect on Pixels // Source: Google

Health Connect comes native to Android 14

Previously, Health Connect was only available in certain apps: Samsung Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit, the protocol Google developed in collaboration with Samsung. Since November 2022, it can be used via the Health Connect app available at Play Store, is still in beta. Pixels only takes advantage of Health Connect in its interface. In addition, more than 50 apps are already compatible with the service, such as Peloton, Withings or Oura.

But since May 10, it has been available in the second beta of Android 14. This latest version of the operating system integrates the service natively and allows you to manage your health data directly from the privacy settings of the operating system. It is mentioned that Health Connect updates will be released via Google Play Updates: According to Google, changes should be more frequent.

Health Connect completed a little more in the second beta of Android 14 // Source: Android

Google is also adding new features to it. The first is the arrival of exercise methods. Allows users to share their workout maps We also learn that recording menstrual cycles is facilitated.

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