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How to turn an attic into a living space

Your house has an unused attic, and you want to convert it into a cozy room to serve as a guest bedroom, playroom, master suite, etc? This is a totally doable project, just follow the steps carefully. Focus on the key points to know before turning your attic into a living space.

What does the law say?

Since this is an extension and it works, the regulations must be observed. Here are a few things that might enlighten you.

One of the first items to check before starting work is the urban scheme of your area, if it allows for roof extension.

Also note that if the attic surface exceeds 20 square meters, you are obligated to apply for a building permit.

If upgrading the wasted space results in changes to the exterior of the home, you must also apply for a permit. On the other hand, if you are simply adding windows or a roof, it is enough to make a statement.

What is the work to be done?

Converting an attic into a cocoon space requires a lot of work to be done. Here are some things to check.


To make getting into your new extra room fun and not stressful, it should be easy to get to. Several options of stairs are available: miller, spiral, spiral, etc. It all depends on its use.

If the room is rarely occupied, a small staircase will do the trick. If the space is used regularly, install a larger, more comfortable staircase.

Ceiling height

Another key point to check before turning an attic into a living space is the ceiling height. For your convenience, the slope of the room should not be too low. It must be greater than or equal to at least 35 degrees.

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The minimum height in the center of the space must allow passengers to stand.


Since the room will accommodate furniture and accessories such as shelves, cabinet, bed or sofa, also make sure that the floor is able to withstand loads.


In order for the room to be comfortable and viable, it must be well insulated. Choose insulation from the outside for optimal space saving. This avoids reducing the living space and entails a rather large labor cost.

On the other hand, if you have a large enough space, choose internal insulation. It is less expensive and easy to manufacture.

the light

To ensure comfort or luxury in this new room, light is also of paramount importance. To get good rooftop lighting, consider installing a window to be a source of natural light. The surface is at least 1/6 of the surface of the room to provide brightness.

In addition to lighting, the light also brings the necessary warmth to the room during the winter season. However, remember to install curtains to protect you from overheating during the summer.