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How to remove the earplug?  Symptoms and advice

How to remove the earplug? Symptoms and advice

Earwax (or earwax) blockage is common in the ear and can result from overuse of cotton swabs. How to remove it? Single ? When do you consult an ENT? Pictures, symptoms, solutions …

It is called normally Earwax plug. Earwax is a buildup Yellowish greasy “wax”. Who can I stop ear and promoting inflammation. “It’s just like you’re wearing it earplug, sums up Dr. Nils Morel, otolaryngologist and president of the National Association of Physicians Specializing in Otolaryngology and Cervical Surgeons, interviewed by us. What is itSymptoms of a plug in the ear ? Can pI walk alone ? If not, how can it be removed? Naturally?

What is earwax plug?

Earwax is a greasy, waxy-looking, yellow-colored substance found in the ears. “It has a protective role for the ear. Its oily and waxy nature protects the ear from water, trapping dust and other foreign bodies.”, Dr. Nils Morel identifies from the outset. By lubricating the eardrum, earwax allows it to protect itself from external aggressions and to ensure its sound-transmitting function. It consists of secretions from the sebaceous and mucous glands, dead skin cells, and dust. Earwax flows out from the ear canal in a normal way but when it is very thickit accumulates and eventually forms what is called a plug.

Image of an earwax plug © ap4iwka1 – 123RF

Cleaning the ear canal: In the vast majority of people, earwax is not a problem and a The entrance to the auditory canal can be cleaned once a week at mostusing a cotton swab or a small scraper (without pushing it in, editor’s note).

Consult an otolaryngologist. People unlucky enough to have a non-self-cleaning ear canal will need to see a doctor for help in removing earwax buildup. Situations can be very diverse and there is no universal recommended method. notes dr. Morel. To remove the cork, the otolaryngologist can use:

  • Small vacuum cleaner
  • pliers
  • hooks
  • from Curets
  • From the point of view under the microscope
  • Ceruminolytics (Cerulyse®, Doculyse®, etc.)
  • Wash irrigation canals
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What are the symptoms of an earwax plug?

Symptoms caused by earwax plug are:

  • A feeling of blockage or a feeling of cotton in the ears
  • buzzing
  • Tinnitus
  • Sometimes hearing loss (moderate and progressive)

These symptoms are not always limited to an earwax plug and can also cause an ear infection. You should seek advice from your doctor.

As a precaution, it is necessary to prevent water from entering the ear.

What are the causes of earwax plug?

Humidity and swimming: In the summer, earwax can swell due to moisture, which clogs the ear and can lead to infection.explains Dr. Nils Morel.

Earwax quality from It can affect the formation of clogs. “It varies from individual to individual. Some have very dry earwax and others are muddy,” Identifies the ear, nose and throat.

The presence of ear eczema It can also change the appearance of earwax and lead to plugs.

► Abnormalities of the auditory canal (otitis externa, hair in the canal, etc.).

Frequent cleaning of the ear canal with cotton swabs It stimulates the production of earwax and compresses it at the bottom of the auditory canal.

“In prevention, it will sometimes be necessary to prevent water from entering the ear, and to prevent earwax from being encapsulated by earphones/noise plugs/cotton swabs… For the rest, it is a matter of the shape of the ear and the quality of the earwax: some people have an ‘ideal’ ear canal Others have a form that leads to earwax buildup. explains Dr. Morell. And it’s hard to do anything about it!

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Let’s remember the instructions for using cotton swabs: “It is not made to get into the canal, but to clean up the edges and remove what you see. Otherwise, you risk irritating or even damaging your eardrum,” she says. And he warns.

Thanks to Dr. Niels Morel, ENT specialist and President of the National Federation of Otolaryngology, Cervical and Maxillofacial Surgeons (SNORL).