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How to protect the thyroid gland from endocrine disorders?

The thyroid gland is a gland that controls many things in the body. HIt affects, among other things, our body temperature, weight, mood, transit and vitality. It produces hormones that are involved in many body functions. When it does not produce enough, we speak of hypothyroidism and this slows down the metabolism. When it produces too much, we talk about hyperthyroidism and everything is going strong. In either case, this is accompanied by a wide variety of symptoms. Many substances can interfere with the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

All kinds of substances can interfere with our hormonal system, especially the thyroid gland. We are talking about endocrine disorders. There will be about 800. They are found in food as pesticides, in many everyday productssuch as plasticizers, flame retardants, parabens, which may be present in packaging, household products, especially scented cosmetics, non-stick utensils, waterproof clothing, etc.

“These substances can act on several levels,” specifies endocrinologist Dr. Pierre Nice. They can interfere with the synthesis, transport, and activity of thyroid hormones. In short, they can imitate them, favor them, or prevent them from acting. All endocrine disorders can have a potential effect on thyroid function. The only thing you can do is try to limit your exposure to these substances.

Provide the thyroid gland with what it needs to function properly

With regard to food, it is in our interest to prefer organic products or products that do not contain pesticide residues.Small, oily fish rather than large fish because they concentrate fewer pollutants. It is important to provide the thyroid gland with everything it needs to function well so that it is less destabilized by potential endocrine factors. This requires an adequate intake of iodine, which is found in seafood, egg yolks and dairy products. We must also make sure that he is getting the necessary zinc and selenium for his thyroid gland. Zinc is especially found in seafood, meat and eggs. Selenium is also in seafood and Brazil nuts. “Pineapple, including its compound, bromelain, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and can also be interesting in case of thyroid fragility,” the endocrinologist specifies.
And when it comes to containers, it is better to choose glass containers rather than plastic containers.

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Tobacco is harmful to the thyroid gland

And in everyday life? It is essential to ventilate your home daily because many pollutants accumulate inside our homes. And even for the thyroid gland, it’s good to quit smoking. In reality, Tobacco smoke releases substances, thiocyanates, that reduce the use of iodine by the thyroid gland, which can destabilize it.

You also have to be careful with stress.
It is not an endocrine disruptor and is, by definition, an exogenous chemical acting on the body. However, it is also a hormonal disruptor. By acting on the immune system and the cortisol cycle, it can enhance the onset of a thyroid disorder in a person who tends to be predisposed. Anything that is easy to manage, be it physical activity or a healthy exercise such as yoga and meditation, is therefore beneficial.

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