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How to make homemade muesli and granola

How to make homemade muesli and granola

From muesli to the “granola phenomenon” that has continued to grow in recent years, cereal is everywhere.

Granola or muesli, do you know the difference? © Unsplash

Between muesli and granola, aren’t we talking about the same thing? Isn’t granola just American muesli? The answer is no. To sum up roughly: the muesli is raw and the granola is cooked. This grain mixture, oats, seeds and traditionally dried fruits, is either eaten raw with a mushy consistency, or its main ingredients are combined with a sweetener such as maple syrup, honey, or sugar. Fatty product, butter, or oil (or other tahini spread) before placing in the oven for further of fragility. Muesli is naturally finer in texture, while granola has bits that clump together during cooking that you can bite off right with your fingertips.

Muesli or birchermüsli comes from the name of the Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner, who formulated his recipe in the 20th century. It’s been two years since birch kernels and their traditional oatmeal, lemon, oilseed, and apple-based recipe conquered the web and our breakfasts. It’s an easy-to-adopt trend that any self-respecting health program would love.

Granola was developed in the United States in the 1860s by Dr. James Caleb Jackson in New York, who wanted to develop a holistic approach to health and treatment of disease through food. an introduction. Jackson’s “granola” idea was soon stolen by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, who changed one letter.

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Our advice

Making homemade muesli is very easy. You can mix some ingredients on a cereal base and enjoy with cow’s milk or vegetable milk. The easiest gluten-free chips to find in organic stores are those made with millet, amaranth, chestnuts, lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, corn, quinoa, rice, buckwheat, soybeans, etc. Contains wheat, rye, barley, spelled and oats. Mix oats with dates, almonds, raisins, cranberries, chia seeds and sunflower seeds. Also feel free to incorporate pure, unsweetened cocoa, which goes perfectly with cranberries. Shea brings you texture and sunflower-crunch.

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in birch spiritMix oat flakes, macadamia nuts, pistachios, dried cherries and very red apple (for garnish) shredded. Serve with creamy Greek yogurt and optionally some frozen berries for a healthy treat.

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make a file very crunchy muesli By combining millet flakes, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, goji berries and flax seeds. Be careful, flaxseeds must be ground or mixed in order for the body to derive its benefits. Dare to eat muesli on a base of chestnut flakes, sesame seeds, cashews, whole rapadura sugar, dried banana and candied ginger. Cashew is an oil seed par excellence. It helps maintain muscle health, boosts testosterone levels with selenium, and helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

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Release granolaCooked is no more difficult. It is only necessary to respect certain proportions to get the correct consistency after cooking. You need 200 grams of rolled oats, 150 grams of oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, etc.), 25 grams of seeds (sunflower, zucchini, flax, white or black sesame, etc.) ) and 150 grams of dried fruits as soft as possible (peach, apricot, papaya, apple, cranberry, etc.). For spices, cinnamon (1 tsp), ginger powder (1/4 tsp), 50g sweetener of your choice (honey, agave syrup, maple syrup, rice syrup, wheat syrup, sugar, etc.) and 25g melted butter. Mix all ingredients before spreading in an even layer on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Bake for 10 minutes in a preheated oven at 170 degrees (5-6), then remove the tray from the oven to mix the mixture before continuing to cook for another 5 minutes. Remove the muesli from the oven, let it cool completely on a plate before mixing to detail the different ingredients neatly. Place in an airtight container or container.


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Focus on vegetable milk

Even if it means striving to choose the most refined ingredients for healthy eating, try plant-based milk. You now have a few good choices in the supermarket – soybeans, rice, oats, almonds, and coconut. But the offer in natural or organic food stores is enormous. Your body will thank you. Plant-based milk is a non-dairy drink made with plant-based ingredients. There are many of them: made from hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts, as well as quinoa, sesame, sunflower, millet, barley, spelled, etc. Their main advantage lies in the quality of the fats (unsaturated fats) and the fact that they do not contain cholesterol. If the proteins of animal origin in milk have a higher nutritional value, then plant milks contain neither lactose nor (mostly) gluten, which is a source of more allergens. However, remember to check the product’s composition, as some specialties contain additives, such as syrup or wheat flour, which can be a problem for sensitive people.

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There are three classes of plant milk, based on grains, legumes or oilseeds. Cereal-based milk is rice milk, which has a fairly mild and mild taste and can be incorporated into many culinary preparations; Millet milk, rich in proteins and minerals, has a slightly sweet taste, and oat milk, a highly nutritious drink to have in the winter. Milk made from legumes is soy milk, as versatile, contains as much protein as cow’s milk and quinoa’s milk, and is less popular due to its somewhat special, slightly earthy flavour. Quinoa has very interesting contributions to magnesium, calcium, and iron, in addition to being a galactogenic food. Recommended for nursing mothers. Finally, dairy containing oilseeds is delicious. Almond milk and coconut milk top the list of favorites with their sweet taste and smooth texture.

Our recipe: Chocolate and Chocolate Cake

This dairy-free cake has an amazing melting texture thanks to silken tofu (found in bricks at organic stores). The chocolate and cream coating makes it so special.

muesli cake

© d

65g homemade or commercial muesli 375g fermented flour 300g silky tofu 380ml plant milk of your choice 50g pure unsweetened cocoa (van Houten type, without Nesquik) I 80g raisins, coarsely chopped beans 150g sugar I 60ml maple syrup.

To prepare the chocolate: 65 grams of homemade or commercial muesli 1 tbsp. in s. Unsweetened pure cocoa 75 g fine sugar 150 g raisins (or cranberries), coarsely chopped.

  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees (6). Line a round cake pan with oil with butter paper.
  • In a mixing bowl, sift flour and cocoa before adding muesli and raisins.
  • In second mixing bowl, whisk together silken tofu, maple syrup, sugar, and vegetable milk using an electric mixer.
  • Combine the wet preparation with the dry and mix with a spoon until the dough becomes homogeneous.
  • Pour the mixture into the mold and bake for 40 minutes.
  • 15 minutes after the end of cooking, prepare the toppings. In a saucepan, place the raisins and cocoa in 185ml of boiling water over medium/high heat for 5 minutes, stirring. Mix with caster sugar until you get a smooth paste.
  • Cover the warm cake with this preparation and sprinkle it with muesli.
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