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How to easily share files between your smartphone and Windows PC?

Sharing files between an Android device and a Windows PC is now as easy as sharing files between an iPhone and a Mac. Google promised last year that Nearby Sharing would arrive on Windows, and it just kept its promise. Mountain View has already published a beta version of its already existing Android file sharing tool for Windows. As a reminder, Nearby Sharing, or Proximity Sharing in French, adopts a process similar to AirDrop, Apple’s file-sharing module. Opened in 2020, the system has so far only worked with Android devices and Chromebook laptops.

The utility, which is currently in beta, is compatible with Windows 10 in 64-bit version as well as with Windows 11. To use it, you must keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections activated on your computer. However, the tool is not officially available in France. On the site dedicated to Nearby Share, Google does not yet allow downloads of the app from France. Without specifying why, Google says Nearby Sharing is available in the US and most countries, but lists countries where the app can’t be obtained yet.

At least officially. Because it is very easy to bypass this limitation to download and install Nearby Sharing on your Windows PC today. Here’s how.

1. Download and install Nearby Sharing for Windows

never b Upload a close post on your computer. Once the installation file has been recovered, run it to finish downloading the tool and start the installation. Once the installation is complete, click the Close button. Once the app is installed, it is not listed as Nearby Share but as Google Nearby Share (beta).

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2. Connect to the nearby post

Open the app now Share close (beta) google And click the button communicate.


Your Google account login page should open in your web browser. If you are not already signed into your Google account, use your usual credentials, otherwise select Google account You want to use the Share with Nearby feature, then click on the button sign in.


the message successful connection It will be displayed on the screen once you have logged into your Google account in the app.


3. Configure nearby sharing

The next window suggests configuring affinity sharing. You will be able to edit your computer name which will be visible to others, but also choose your own reception preferences. By default, Nearby Sharing is configured to allow your contacts to share files with you. However, you can choose to be visible from everyone Or, on the contrary, to limit the visibility of your computer to certain people or devices. Click on Yes Once you choose your preference.


4. Share files

You can now exchange files between your Android smartphone and your computer, in one direction or the other. To send a file from your computer to your Android smartphone, you have two options. The first is to drag and drop a file or folder directly into the Nearby Share window.


At that time, the tool will analyze its environment to determine which surrounding devices are capable of receiving the shared items. All you have to do is select the device to start sending files to.

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The second possible option is to go directly through the right-click context menu. To do this, select one or more items, then choose from the right-click menu Submit with “broad post”. This will automatically open the Nearby Sharing window and all you have to do is tap on the nearby device to start sending files.


As for the method of sharing files from Android smartphone to Windows PC, it is not different from the one used to share proximity between two Android devices.