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How to easily access your passwords on Android?

How to easily access your passwords on Android?

Google Password Manager has a new option to add a shortcut to access your keychain to your smartphone’s home screen. Here’s how.

If you are using an Android smartphone, you are probably using Google’s password manager by default. The tool, which is built into the operating system, is also synchronized with your Google account. Also thanks to this, you can easily access all your usernames and passwords on Android devices as well as on Google Chrome, just by connecting them to your Google account.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been easy to access a password manager on Android yet. You have to go through many menus and submenus for your reference. You find it in the settings of the Google Chrome browser, online on the Google account page (, as well as in the Android security settings menu. Google clearly realizes that accessing the password manager wasn’t that easy, and they’ve rolled out an update that should greatly simplify things.

You can now access Google’s password manager directly from your smartphone’s home screen. The latest Google Play Services update introduces a new option that lets you install a keychain shortcut directly from your smartphone’s home screen. Here’s how to activate it.

1. Update Google Play Services

If you haven’t already, open the Play Store and go to the Manage apps menu on the device to update Google Play Services. You can also go directly to the page related to Start the update manually.

2. Go to Security Settings

On your smartphone, open a file Settings From Android and enter the menu dedicated to Privacy. Then go to the section Google Autofill and go to the menu password.

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3. Add a shortcut

You should reach the page dedicated to Google Password Manager. Then press the cogwheel icon at the top right of the screen to access the file Settings From a password manager.

Google password manager

Finally select the option Add a shortcut to your home screenthen in the popup that appears, choose Add to home screen. new icon password It should now be on your smartphone screen. Now simply click on it to go directly to accessing your keychain.

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