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How to automatically delete text messages and free up space on Samsung phone

How to automatically delete text messages and free up space on Samsung phone

Are you looking to free up and save storage space on your Samsung phone? Whether it’s a Galaxy A, Galaxy S, or Galaxy Z Flip and Fold, it’s possible to delete our old text messages automatically.

Storage space is one of the main elements that we have to deal with on our smartphone.

Unlike Apple devices, many Samsung devices allow us to insert a microSD card to increase storage space.

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However, more and more Samsung phone models are skipping this feature. It’s simple, it’s more profitable for the South Korean company to sell phones with more storage… just as Apple does.

In this circumstance, it may be practical to know this trick to delete old text messages and thus free up storage space.

Because yes, it can get pretty huge conversations that we’ve had for years in which we’ve shared links, photos, and videos!

Step to delete old text messages automatically

Thus, to automatically delete old text messages, SMS or MMS, you must:

  1. Open the application: Posts
  2. Click on Three little points In the upper right corner
  3. Select the option: Settings
  4. Choose an option: More settings
  5. Activate the function: Delete old messages

Here is how to automatically delete old text messages from your Samsung phone.

As shown on the screen, when we reached 1000 text messages or 100 multimedia messages, our Samsung phone will then delete the oldest messages automatically.

Enough to save storage space without having to do anything else!

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