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How to appear offline on Messenger?

How to appear offline on Messenger?

To avoid requests from your friends when you're logged into Facebook, learn how to appear offline on Messenger! How to disable offline status? Would you like to know which of your friends are online too? We will explain everything to you.

You should know that when you connect to your Facebook account, a green sticker is automatically attached to your profile picture to indicate that you are already online. So this sticker is on your posts and comments, but also on Messenger, the messaging system associated with Facebook. This happens regardless of the medium you connect to: tablet, mobile phone or computer. Your online friends may also be tempted to contact you and you may feel a certain obligation to respond to them immediately because they know you are online. To avoid this problem, because we do not always have the time or desire to respond to everyone, just hide the fact that you are online, and the maneuver is not too complicated.

How to deactivate “Online” status?

Start by logging into your Facebook account. If you're on a computer, go to your discussion settings by clicking on the three little dots to the right of your contacts. You will then be presented with various options and you can choose to deactivate your online status. Click on it to access three possibilities:

  • Disable the “Online” status for all contacts.
  • Disable “Online” status. Some communication“.
  • Disable “Online status for all contacts except…”

All you have to do is choose the option that suits you and validate it. If you're using the Messenger app, the steps are slightly different. You will need to click on your profile picture and then on “Online Status”. You can then move the switch to the right or left depending on whether you want to appear online or not.

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How do I know if a contact is offline on Messenger?

A person who is online has a green dot near their profile picture. To find out if one of your friends is offline, you have to look at their photo. On the other hand, he can, however, already be online, but have his online state deactivated as we have just explained.. In this case, you have no way of knowing whether he's online or not, except perhaps monitoring his Facebook activity: if he's commenting and liking posts, he's online.

How do you hide your presence on Messenger?

To hide your presence on Messenger, just adjust some privacy settings. Open the Messenger app, and go to Settings by tapping your profile picture in the top right. Then select “existing ones“and deactivate the option”Show when you're online“. This prevents your contacts from knowing if you are active or when you were last active. For maximum privacy, you can also turn off message reading notifications by going to Settings”Secrecy” and set the corresponding options.

How do I know if someone is offline in Messenger?

To find out if someone is offline on Messenger, there are several signs you can look for. First, if a person has a green dot next to their name indicating that they are online and that dot disappears, this may indicate that they have deactivated their online status. Additionally, if you no longer see indicators of the last time that person was active (“Active X minutes/hours ago“), This could also mean that it has gone offline. Finally, if you send a message and don't see the acknowledgment (blue circle with check mark) No reading confirmation (profile picture thumbnail), this can also be a clue. However, it is important to note that these signs can also be the result of other reasons, such as an unstable internet connection or strict privacy settings.

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How to go offline on Messenger?

To go offline on Messenger, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Messenger app : Launch the Messenger app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Access settings : Tap your profile picture at the top left of the screen to access settings.
  3. Change your internet connection status : Find the “Online Status” option and tap on it.
  4. Turn off online status : Turn off the “Show when online” option by moving the button to the left.

By following these steps, you will be shown offline to your contacts, and they will no longer be able to see if you are active or when you were last active.

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