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How to age well according to Beatrice Picard

Curious, engaging with seniors and still active in the cultural scene at 94 years old, our host Isabelle Peron went to meet Beatrice Picard for an interview.

“In this business, we have no right to get sick,” says the actress. “At my age, it’s a joy to say because it encourages people to age gracefully.”

After more than 30 years playing the matriarch of Quebec’s favorite cartoon family, Beatrice Picard pulled out last January.

Ben Bellos/JdeM

“They vigorously mocked all American failures, but not just Americans,” Ms. Picard said. “We also have flaws and that’s what made people watch the show. It might be in the US, but it looks like this show is coming from here.”

She, who did the voice of Marge Simpson, explains that the recordings are starting to get more and more difficult for her.

“There is a whole technical process for ryhtmo tape,” exclaims the actress. “Sometimes I’m a little slower than the moving tape, or my breath, so I have to catch up again.”

Still in demand on the big screen, Beatrice Picard plays Helena Messier in “Frontières”. The feature film stars Pascal Bussière, Christine Beaulieu, and Micheline Lanctout, with a predominantly female cast.

Although this appearance is somewhat brief on screen, Ms. Picard feels like a central character.

According to the actress, the secret to aging gracefully is to never stop working out!

Watch the full interview in the video above.