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How many friends can you have?

How many friends can you have?

how many friends you have? There is of course your very close circle, those you connect with like the fingers of a hand. It will undoubtedly add family, other friends, and co-workers with whom you have grown strong sympathy. Psychologists place all of this in the category of “meaningful social relationships.”

But your network is much larger. It also includes acquaintances with whom you exchange more than one welcome evening in the elevator, and people you have been able to get to know and with whom you have formed relationships, even if you do not necessarily include them in the “Friends” category. On so-called social networks, you may have agreed to their contact request in absentia. You can even top it off by including at least everyone whose name you know, like the next-door neighbor or the nearby grocer.

If you add up, how much do you get? Unlike other social platforms, Facebook has set a limit: 5000. Does this mean you can have 5000 friends? Or can we not have more? Scientifically speaking, the question is sensitive, especially since a completely different level has been established by a distinguished professor who teaches developmental psychology at the University of Oxford, Robin Dunbar That gave its name to the “Dunbar Number”: 150.

Only one hundred and fifty friends? Will Facebook be wrong? Probably not, according to the team

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