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How many bubbles are in a beer mug?

How long would it take to count the bubbles in your beer mug? More than a week without sleep and again fasting. Fortunately, scientists from CNRS have done the work for us and created a computational method … more or less reliable.

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Science sometimes has the art of answering questions that no one asks: why A teaspoon disappears faster than thorns ? Suspension Break the spaghetti in half ? How many licks does it take The completion of the sucker ? How many children They are born in airplanes ? Here’s another piece of evidence for our researchers’ benefit: we now know that a cup of beer has between 200,000 and 2 million bubbles, but beer also has more bubbles than champagne.

How to properly pour beer into your mug

This question has been the subject of a very serious study by two researchers from the University of Reims Subsidiaries In CNRS and published in the journal Omega ACS. Because the bubble phenomenon is actually more complex than it appears. The formation of bubbles does not just depend on their nature Liquid, But also the temperature, shape of the glass, and the amount of liquid or Pressure ambient. ” 100ml of champagne poured directly into the middle of a vertically oriented flute contains about a million bubbles. but who champagne It is served more gently by pouring it along the side of the oblique flute (a technology that better saves carbon dioxide2 Melted) will give tens of thousands of bubbles », Points to Gérard Leger-Belair, lead author of the study.

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Or, The presence of carbon dioxide2 The solute is an essential sensory parameter in Taste the beer, Because bubbles move vehicles Aromatics And fragrant, Confirms scientist Gerard Leger Belair. We previously showed that the minimum concentration is 1.2 grams per liter of carbon dioxide2 Wanted dissolved in sparkling wine to undergo a sensation Gasification In the mouth ».

How long will it take for my beer to lose all its bubbles?

It remains to know how to count Bubbles. Gerard Leger-Belair and co-worker first measured the amount of carbon dioxide2 Melt in beer (Heineken) by pouring beer into a tilted glass (in order to preserve carbon dioxide)2 Dissolved), the tasting temperature is 7.22 ° C. Then they modeled how the Gas The solute collects spontaneously to form streams of bubbles in the cracks of the glass. Finally, with a very large camera Speed (Ultra-fast shootingNotice how the bubbles grow larger and carry the dissolved gases to the surface, so that no dissolved gases remain in the beer. The result: between 200,000 and 2 million bubbles are released before a pint of beer (25 cl) is completely emptied of its gas. This is a very imprecise estimate, but it is always more reliable than counting bubbles one by one.

Note that this rating is not valid for champagne. Surprisingly, glass defects affect the two drinks differently, with more bubbles forming in beer when the cracks in the glass are larger, the researchers note – which may be the reason why beer is served in cups more often. And if you want to count the number of bubbles yourself, here is itEquation To use: