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How does your digital health space work?

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It took two decades before “Mon Espace Santé” finally took off. “my health space”And It is the digital health record of the French. A notebook allowing them to keep their biological analysis and medical imaging results. But also hospitalization or consultation reports, prescriptions and other health documents.

8.4 million French people have access to Mon Espace Santé

In recent months, many have been asking for the keys to this digital safe. In fact, in just over a year, 13% of the population has a password to access your digital notebook. Or 8.4 million French.

The Ministry of Health does not intend to stop there. Its aim is to cover the entire population. In doing so, the Ministry is pleased to see a sharp increase in the number of documents stored in French sanitary settings.

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Currently, every month, the number of documents submitted by hospitals, laboratories and practitioners approaches 10 million. which represents 250 million documents are stored annually. This is about half of the long-term goal for this health book, according to the ministry.

In its entire time of existence, the DMP has barely amassed those 10 million. DMP is and is the predecessor of Mon Espace de Santé Yet another overhaul of a project launched in 2004.

Female doctor holding a digital tablet and pointing at the touchscreen with a finger close-up – Image credits: iStock

Open automated health book

Unlike previous attempts, this digital health record It opens automatically for every insured person. Unless the latter objects in writing. Furthermore, the modernization of medical software has made it possible for caregivers to provide health record documentation. And also automatically.

Currently, the main suppliers of the digital notebook are hospitals and medical analysis laboratories. They send 34% and 33% of documents, respectively in the spaces of the French. It is still necessary to convince private practitioners so that they can offer their patients a health space on a larger scale.

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Health record: questioning consent management

The “My Health Space” digital health record, according to Arthur Duffin, “Big progress in France”. The latter specifies that “every user can benefit” from this aggregation of all his medical documents in the same place. Arthur Dauphine is the Project Manager for France Assos Santé.

Users can even keep these documents to themselves and refuse to share them with caregivers. In addition, they can even black out some or all of the documents in their digital health record. should be avoided Health concerns from ‘Big Brother’.

But My Health Space has been criticized by liberties. Among these, La Quadrature du Net, pointed the finger User consent management. According to her, this administration is neither “respectable,” nor “reliable,” nor “realistic.” Consequently, she called upon the French to expressly refuse to create an account.

“Any file centralization, any database, was introduced with a failure of data centralization, whose dispersion can paradoxically be an advantage,” the link noted during the public launch of My Health Space.

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An inaudible call to boycottBecause if we refer to the Ministry’s figures, only 2% of the French explicitly refused to create an account.

An important tool with new features

Whatever the case, the “Mon Espace Santé” health record takes center stage in The new digital health roadmap. The Ministry of Health will introduce it in mid-May. Over the months, this digital laptop will benefit from increased functionality.

It would be possible, for example, to Connect calendar and email With those special services, like Doctolib. The Ministry of Health also intends to make this digital security an important tool in its preventive policy.

Health notebook
Online consultation, virtual hospital and online treatment – Image credits: iStock

In particular to send reminders for vaccinations or for Suggestions for health checks for specific people

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How do I activate “My Health Space”?

As mentioned above, each insured person can automatically receive a sanitary space. For this, You have to activate it first By following a simple procedure. he has to :

  • Access to the site minespacesante
  • Click on “Activate my health space”
  • Bring your Vitale card, the code received by e-mail, SMS or mail. It is possible to order a new one on the site
  • click start
  • Enter the code from the health insurance
  • Fill in your Social Security number as well as the insurance number for your Vitale card

Then it receives a new access token to secure the connection. Once this process is complete, He can start filling in the different sections and record their medical documents.

To know: You can also download the My Health Space app available in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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