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How do you use Stage Manager on your iPad?

How do you use Stage Manager on your iPad?

  • Apple shared a video of how to use it Training Manager
  • This iPad feature is also available on Macs and revisits multitasking
  • To activate it, you just need to go to the shortcut associated with the extension Control Center

Apple has shared on its YouTube channel a video of about two minutes, where we can discover some usage tips Training Manager. This is the grandmother who arrived with her iPadOS 16 and macOS Venturait allows you to resize application windows as you wish, to mount them or even to create types of alternative “desktops” as desired.

The only downside, and not the least: since its inception, the feature has seen many setbacks, sometimes full Bugs, sometimes difficult to master for users who are still accustomed to previous versions of the operating system. However, it seems that Apple has finally delivered on its promise of a return to normal, thanks to several rather effective updates in recent months.

Which iPad and Mac are compatible with it Training Manager ?

Tablet compatible devices Training Manager They are all who can install iPadOS 16 or later versions of the software. In particular, this includes the two iPad Pros with the M2 chip, the fifth generation iPad Air, the sixth generation iPad mini or the tenth generation iPad classic.

On the PC side, you must have macOS Ventura installed. This version arrived in September last year and was presented upstream during the Worldwide Developers Conference 2022. Apple has also published the list of compatible Macs, among which we find the Mac Studio, the latest Mac Pro, and all versions of the MacBook Air released from 2018 or later. Every MacBook Pro released as of 2017.

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Start Broadcasting on the iPad: Tutorial

If your iPad is up to date, just go to Control Center To start Training Manager By touching the associated icon (watch the video above). If this is the first time you have activated the tool, you will first encounter a prompt that briefly re-explains what the new interface is and asks for confirmation of its launch.

Then open the first app you want to view, then open more if necessary. The different apps that open at the same time for each virtual desktop are listed to the left of the iPad screen. – the official app

By: Keleops AG