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How do you share your bills with your friends on Messenger?

Meta offers sharing your bill payment on Messenger as a solution for expense payments between friends. This alternative is called “split payments”. This new feature works with the Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook Payments on Messenger

Previously, this option was still at the testing stage, but it already promised great practicality. In fact, it seems to be ideal for situations where you have to share the fee amount with other individuals. It becomes easy to divide, for example, paying for the refrigerator with your roommates, or the cost of a barbecue with your friends.

As a result, the company is optimizing mass group payments. Probably the most compelling innovation is split payment. It works on iOS devices and most Android smartphones in the US. This application will allow you to request an amount through a group chat. You can allocate the amounts to be paid or divide them evenly.

Facebook payments are used with the Facebook app, Messenger. For the first use, the functionality will require your payment data (debit, credit or PayPal card). In its new update, Meta brings the possibility of split payments.

How does payment sharing work?

Facebook Payments is developed by Meta inspired in part by other apps such as Venmo, Block, and Splitwise. Using split payments is very simple. In messenger, you should start adding all payers in a group chat. Then you will click on the group name or click on the “More” box. It is located at the bottom of your screen.

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After that, just click on “Split Payments”. A window will appear on your screen called “Get Started”, which is equivalent to “Start”. When you reach this stage, you can now split the sum with the group. At this very moment you can exclude one or more people, even your name. Facebook Payments will then distribute the amount that will be paid to each automatically and equally.

You can also enter other amounts manually if the split payments between the group differ between each member. Many smartphone users already have Messenger to keep in touch with their loved ones or to do group activities. Others use it to convey information in a group. Facebook Payments will probably do well on these points.

Split payments are very practical for restaurant programs between friends or acquaintances. This feature can also be used to share other loads through Messenger.