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How do you install the update today?

How do you install the update today?

Enough. After just over three months of testing, the stable version of Windows 11 is now officially available. Microsoft opened the gates a bit in advance since the new operating system that was due to be released on Tuesday, October 5th was downloadable from last night. Be careful, however, to install the new version of Microsoft’s operating system, Your computer must meet very precise specifications.

To make sure your device is eligible, you can always call computer health check, the official tool provided by Microsoft to check if your computer hardware configuration meets all criteria.

Once you’ve settled these formalities, you should be able to think about how you can proceed to update your PC to Windows 11, absolutely free if you have a valid license for Windows 10. Microsoft plans on a gradual rollout as usual, implemented in waves straight from Windows Update , starting with the latest computers, those whose configuration is unlikely to cause a problem with the new operating system. But there are actually several ways to get this update. Below is the list, depending on your device.

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1. Via Windows Update

If you have a modern PC that is fully compatible with Windows 11 and chosen by Microsoft to be part of the first wave of updates, it should be offered to you directly in Windows Update as an update. my choice. You will then just have to click Download and install To start migrating your PC from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

However, your PC, while fully compatible, may not be one of the devices Microsoft would prefer to install Windows 11 in the first wave. In this case, Windows Update will not offer the update, but will only display a sign that this computer can run Windows 11.

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So you will have to wait for Microsoft to officially publish the update for your configuration. If you don’t want to wait, you can use one of the options below to force install Windows 11 manually.

2. Using the update wizard

To force install Windows 11 on your PC, you can continue Windows Setup Assistant 11, a small utility provided by Microsoft to start downloading and installing the new operating system without having to wait for deployment in Windows Update.

Once Windows 11 Setup Assistant It has been downloaded to your device and turned on, then in the window that appears, click accept and install and follow the instructions displayed. Windows 11 will then be downloaded and installed automatically on your computer which will restart several times during the process.

3. Start the installation from the disk image

Another possibility to manually start installing Windows 11 on your device under Windows 10, download directly Windows 11 ISO disc image From the Microsoft site.

Once The file is in the ISO format for Windows 11 retrieved on your computer, just install it in your workstation, double click to explore its content, then open the file Accommodation To start installing the new operating system on your device.

The Windows 11 installation wizard starts. Press next And follow the displayed instructions to complete the installation of the operating system on your computer.

4. Using the installation procedure « Clean »

Last possible solution, proceed with the “clean” installation of Windows 11 on your computer, by creating a bootable USB key from a file Windows 11 Media Creation Tool from Microsoft.

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Once the recovery is on your computer, launch the tool, and click Acceptance.

Then select the language of the operating system, version of Windows 11 you want to recover and click on it next.

You will then be offered to create a file USB flash memory disk or download a file ISO file Burn it to DVD later.

Choose the first option, insert a USB drive of at least 8GB in your computer and click the button next.

Then select the USB key and click the button. next.

Microsoft Media Creation Tool then starts downloading Windows 11 and writes the image to a USB drive to make it a bootable installation device.

When the procedure is completed, the tool will indicate that USB flash drive ready. Then click to the end.

Now that your Windows 11 bootable USB drive is ready, insert it into your computer and boot on it to start installing Windows 11.